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A tournament hosted on pankration timed to the day of the airborne troops on July 29 in the Sport Palace " [...]


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On July 26, in the Gorky Park a jogging with our professional fighter, world champion and Belarus, Artiom [...]


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We are very glad to invite all desirous to the opening of the multifunctional sports hall of the Belarusi [...]

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SPA "Belarusian Federation of Pankration and Martial Arts"

Pankration – a revived  ancient Olympic martial art. The word “pankration” derives from the martial art, for the first time included in the program of the Olympic Games in 648 BC. Ancient Pankration had virtually no restrictions, and combined the techniques of fight in the standing position and on the ground, the foot sweeps and submission holds, choking. It was allowed to put punches, blows with elbows, knees, head and kicks. It was possible to finish the lying opponent off. It is in the Pankration, athletes first started to kick in jumping and combine a series of blows with the grips in throws.

Pankration today is much safer than its ancient predecessor was. Fights to be arranged with limited period, athletes use easy, convenient and reliable safety equipment, greatly reduces injuries. At the same time, the essence of the fight remains unchanged. There are the code of honor and all the moral and ethical norms, which correspond to the norms of current Olympic combat sports, in Pankration.

Modern Pankration – the progenitor of rapidly developing all around the world MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) – the fight, where almost the entire arsenal of technical actions of freestyle wrestling,  Greco-Roman, sambo, judo, boxing, Thai boxing and other martial arts is allowed.

SPA "Belarusian Federation of Pankration and Martial Arts" was established on April 22, 2014. The Federation is actively working on popularization of Pankration as a sport in Belarus and on the training of Belarusian athletes in order to participate in official world competitions, also the Federation conduct competitions and championships of the Republic of Belarus to raise the level of the national team. The fighters of the Federation have repeatedly become the winners of the world and Europe championships, held under the auspices of UWW (United World Wrestling).

Under the aegis of the BFP&MA, the best fighting team - the Academy of MMA- is functioning, which unites the strongest clubs of mixed martial arts in the Republic of Belarus, where high-level sportsmen train.

The most titled and eminent fighters of the Federation are Artiom Damkovsky, Alexei Kudin, Dmitry Voitov, Mikhail Odintsov, Sergey Falei, Denis Gunich, Vadim Kutsyj, Gennadiy Zhuk.

The "NFG" (New Fighting Generation) league has been created, the purpose of which is to hold tournaments for young athletes.